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Contemplation by the Cliff's Waterfall

Ban Shan

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Giclée art print on German made rice paper.

About the Artwork:

Contemplation by the Cliff's Waterfall , 2014. Ban Shan. Chinese fine brush painting on rice paper.

Step into the vivid world depicted in "Contemplation by the Cliff's Waterfall," a striking representation of China's profound landscape artistry. Towering mountain peaks set the stage, from which a mighty waterfall dramatically cascades down the steep cliffs, channeling into a babbling brook that seamlessly flows through the painting, bringing cohesion and unmistakable depth to the scene. This stream serves not just as a focal point, but also as a harmonious guide, leading the eye from the majestic heights above to the valley below. The valley itself is a dance of mists, wrapping around the space, evoking an ethereal quality. Stalwart pine trees and verdant cypress stand resolutely amongst the rugged green rocks, conjuring up an image of a mythical realm. Perched on the cliff edge, a scholar, with his staff in hand, gazes up towards the heavens, lost in profound contemplation. This masterful piece, rich in layers and emotion, invites viewers on a journey, offering a serene immersion into a realm where nature's majesty meets spiritual reflection.

About the Artist:

Professor Ban Shan, an esteemed academic from the Scholarly Academy, is also a prominent member of the Jilin Province Artists Association. With a mastery in fine brushwork painting, his depictions of flowers and birds are notably sophisticated, offering grand impressions through intricate details, characterized by their exquisite delicacy. His landscape pieces, rich in shades of lush blue-green, exude an opulent splendor, glimmering with hints of gold, and maintain a vibrant charm without crossing into ostentation.

Made in USA


Museum-Quality Giclee Art Print

• Natural white, matte, acid and lignin-free archival rice paper.

Frame and Mounting

• Handcrafted solid wood frames: Made from premium solid wood , each frame is both durable and elegant, designed to perfectly accentuate the artwork.
• Double mats: Enhancing depth and significantly make the artwork pop, elevating its visual impact.
• Shatter resistant plexiglass (acrylic glass) front: Crystal clear acrylic glass offers superior clarity, protection against dust, and is shatter resistant.
• Ready-to-hang :
Each frame comes ready-to-hang with pre-installed hanging nails and steel wire, making wall mounting much easier.

Shipping and Delivery

Print only without frame: Ships within 7 days. Worldwide shipping.
Hanging Scroll: Ships within 30 days. Worldwide shipping.
Wood Framing: Ships within 14 days. Shipping within the United States only.For expedited shipping, please contact customer service.

    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&
    Contemplation by the Cliff&

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