About Us

At Luminance Art, we gather outstanding traditional style Eastern arts, including paintings and calligraphy. Using the most advanced replication techniques and top-notch materials, we faithfully reproduce the exclusively authorized works of artists, capturing both their exquisite skills and profound themes.

We take joy in making art accessible, elevating your living spaces with transcendent works that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Our curated pieces offer not only aesthetic delights but also a sense of tranquility and, potentially, philosophical insight.

Immerse yourself in the distinction of our gallery-standard giclée prints. Every facet of our pieces exudes authenticity, from the precision of German-made rice paper to the archival inks that echo each meticulous stroke of the artist's hand. With expert mounting, framing, and a commitment to craftsmanship in the USA, excellence isn't merely a pursuit—it's a promise we uphold in every creation.