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A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva

Xiu Yitang

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Framing Style – Black wood frame

Giclée art print on German made rice paper.

About the Artwork:

A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva, 2019. Xiu Yitang. Ink and color on rice paper.

This artwork is inspired by the graceful Bodhisattva figures from the Dunhuang caves during China's Late Tang Dynasty. It's a reinterpretation of an original brought to life by the famous Zhang Daqian. The words in the top-right corner translate to "Dunhuang Bodhisattva of the Tang People."

In recreating this image, the artist seeks to capture the Bodhisattva's majestic spirit but also adds personal touches, making slight changes from the original. The ancient creators were limited by their time’s technical and aesthetic standards. Some aspects, like an overly slender waist and super-long earlobes in the original, might not sit well with modern viewers.

So, adjustments were made to suit today's tastes and realistic proportions. While the original figure may seem somewhat somber, this version has a gentle joy, offering a face that's both real and beautiful, connecting old spiritual calm with today’s aesthetic appreciation.

About the Artist:

Xiu Yitang,  a distinguished artist, deeply rooted in the venerable traditions of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. His works exude an aura of tranquility, harmoniously blending refreshing nuances with timeless elegance. This unique synthesis has garnered the admiration of art aficionados, making his pieces a treasured acquisition among discerning collectors.

Made in USA


Museum-Quality Giclee Art Print

• This artworks was printed on high quality German-made rice paper or Museum Etching paper, distinguished by its natural white hue and distinct texture.
• Using archival inks, enhancing vivid colors and sharp details for enduring vibrancy.

Frame and Mounting

• Handcrafted solid wood frames: Made from premium solid wood , each frame is both durable and elegant, designed to perfectly accentuate the artwork.
•Double mats: Enhancing depth and significantly make the artwork pop, elevating its visual impact.
• Shatter resistant plexiglass (acrylic glass) front: Crystal clear acrylic glass offers superior clarity, protection against dust, and is shatter resistant.
•Ready-to-hang :
Each frame comes ready-to-hang with pre-installed hanging nails and steel wire, making wall mounting much easier.

Shipping and Delivery

Print only without frame: Ships within 7 days. Worldwide shipping.
Hanging: Ships within 30 days. Worldwide shipping.
Wood Framing: Ships within 14 days. Shipping within the United States only.For expedited shipping, please contact customer service.

    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
    A Modern Take on a Dunhuang Bodhisattva
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