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Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower

Tian Waike

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Framing Style – Black wood frame

Giclée art print on German made rice paper.

About the Artwork:

Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower, 2020. Tian Waike. Ink and color on rice paper.

This painting captures a special moment between Buddha Shakyamuni and his followers, offering a glimpse into a hopeful future. The scene reflects a tale where Shakyamuni speaks of a future Buddha, Maitreya, who will help people reach enlightenment without abandoning their everyday lives. When Maitreya arrives, beautiful Utpala flowers will bloom everywhere as a symbol of spiritual awakening.

In this depicted moment, Shakyamuni's disciples ask him to show them the Utpala flowers before their time. Kindly, he uses his divine power to give them a brief view of the blooming Utpala, and this painting seeks to encapsulate that brief, magical moment. It's a snapshot of peacefulness and spiritual richness, meant to inspire and bring serenity to those who view it.

About the Artist:

Tian Waike,  a respected artist from Anhui, China, who specialized in Chinese Painting at an art academy. His work deeply honors traditional methods and teachings from ancient masters, with a special focus on themes of spiritual development and practice.

He holds a deep respect and admiration for celestial beings and those practicing spiritual refinement, which is vividly portrayed in his creations. Thanks to his dedicated practice and skilled techniques, his artwork vibrates with life and ancient wisdom, inviting viewers on a thought-provoking journey toward enlightenment and reflection. His pieces go beyond visual beauty, offering a rich, philosophical insight that connects effortlessly with the viewer.

Made in USA


Museum-Quality Giclee Art Print

• This artworks was printed on high quality German-made rice paper or Museum Etching paper, distinguished by its natural white hue and distinct texture.
• Using archival inks, enhancing vivid colors and sharp details for enduring vibrancy.

Frame and Mounting

• Handcrafted solid wood frames: Made from premium solid wood , each frame is both durable and elegant, designed to perfectly accentuate the artwork.
•Double mats: Enhancing depth and significantly make the artwork pop, elevating its visual impact.
• Shatter resistant plexiglass (acrylic glass) front: Crystal clear acrylic glass offers superior clarity, protection against dust, and is shatter resistant.
•Ready-to-hang :
Each frame comes ready-to-hang with pre-installed hanging nails and steel wire, making wall mounting much easier.

Shipping and Delivery

Print only without frame: Ships within 7 days. Worldwide shipping.
Hanging: Ships within 30 days. Worldwide shipping.
Wood Framing: Ships within 14 days. Shipping within the United States only.For expedited shipping, please contact customer service.

    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
    Buddha Speaks of the Utpala Flower
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