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"Monkey King" Chinese painting god statue


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The epoch-making micro-jet printing technology is adopted to fully display the paper quality of the original work, so that the strength of the brush strokes and even the spiritual charm can be faithfully presented, just like an authentic work.

About works: I love Sun Wukong, fearless and strong. View the world with golden eyes, and eliminate demons and disasters with righteous thoughts. Don't be fooled by love, why be afraid of being hard to be! Help the teacher to repay the salvation, eliminate evil and be loyal. The name is fighting and defeating, and the Buddha's country is famous. Chang Le Qi Tianwang.

The colors used in this painting follow the ancients, mainly using three main tones of red, green and white. Red shows Wukong's brave side, white represents wisdom and emptiness, and the green backlight has the meaning of purity. At the same time, green and yellow red also form a contrast between warm and cold hues, just like the harmony of yin and yang, exquisite and harmonious.

About the artist : Xiuyitang, a traditional fine brushwork painter, has won the essence of Song and Yuan paintings. The works cover landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, and are known for their traditional fine brushwork style. The works are quiet, peaceful, fresh and elegant, and are favored by collectors.

Pen and ink form: Meticulous brushwork on paper

Year of Creation: 2022

The Print

Gallery quality Giclée art print

  • German made rice paper
  • Natural white with a traditional rice paper texture
  • Japan made Archival inks for vivid colour and sharp detail
  • Available in multiple sizes 
  • Can be purchased framed or unframed
Mounting and Framing

High-quality art deserves high quality mounting and framing. We offer a premium quality bespoke mountind and framing service that is more affordable and convenient than using your local picture framer. Our team of expert framers uses top-tier gallery materials to frame your art print to perfection. You'll receive a masterfully made piece with long-lasting and stylish sent right to your place.

Solid Wood Framed

  • Hardwood frames in multiple stylish colour options
  • High-transparency plexiglass to safeguard the artwork against dust and falls
  • Double-layer mat enhances the artwork's depth, accentuating its overall appearance
  • Framing only available within USA
  • Artwork arrives ready to hang

Scroll Mounting
Scrolls have a long history and represent traditional elegance. They are easy to ship and convenient to carry.

  • Hand-made in Taiwan by experienced Taiwanese mounting artisans.
  • The artisan selects the appropriate silk color based on the characteristics of the painting.
  • Crafting a hanging scroll is a detailed endeavor, with a manufacturing time of four weeks.

Shipping and Delivery Time
  • Art prints: deliver within 7 business days. Worldwide shipping available.
  • Scroll roll mounted arts: deliver within 30 days. Worldwide shipping available.
  • Solid wood framed arts: deliver within 10 business days. Shipping within the U.S.

Should you require rush processing, kindly reach out to our customer service team.