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"Orchid Pavilion Preface" Calligraphy Han Lishu


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Geographic printing, printed on German rice paper.

Artist profile : Liu Xitong, a famous calligrapher. His works have won awards in national and international calligraphy competitions for more than ten times. In 1990, "Liu Xitong Lishu Selection" was published. The "unity of three qualities" of character, calligraphy, and virtue is the calligraphic concept advocated by Mr. Liu Xitong. He adheres to the traditional calligraphy art and Chinese studies, and is especially good at official script. He is recognized as a representative of the Han official script in the contemporary calligraphy world.

Content of the work: In the ninth year of Yonghe, at the age of Kuichou, at the beginning of late spring, I will meet at the Orchid Pavilion in Shanyin, Kuaiji, to repair things. A group of virtuous men arrives, and young men and women gather together. Here there are lofty mountains, luxuriant forests and bamboos, as well as clear and turbulent streams, which are reflected on the left and right. Although it is not as prosperous as the silk and bamboo orchestra, a glass of wine and a chants are enough to express the quiet feelings. In the daytime, the sky is bright and the air is clear, the wind is pleasant and smooth, looking up at the vastness of the universe, and the prosperity of the government's inspection categories, so traveling in the sun and enjoying it is enough for audio-visual entertainment, and you can believe in Coca-Cola.

The wife's relationship with each other, I look up to the whole life, or take it into the arms, and understand the words in the room, or because of the entrustment, let the waves go out. Although there is a lot of interest and abandonment, calmness and indifference, when he is happy with what he meets, he gets it for himself temporarily, and he is happy and self-sufficient, not knowing that old age is coming. And the reason why it is so awkward, and the emotion changes with the situation, I feel that it is the same. It's old to be happy with it, and to look up to it . You can't help but be happy with it. The situation is shortened and the situation is changed, and the end will come to an end. The ancients said that death and life are also great, so it is not painful!

Every time I look at the reasons for the excitement of the ancients, if they are united, they will be mourned by the text, which cannot be described in their hearts. Knowing that death and life are false births, and Qi Pengshang is a vain act, the future looks at the present, and the present looks at the past, sad husband! Therefore, to list the people at the time of the narration and record what they said, although the world is different and things are different, so they are happy, and they are all the same. Those who read it in the future will also feel the gentleness.

Preface to Wang Xizhi's Lanting Collection

Pen and ink form: calligraphy on paper

Year of Creation: 2014

The Print

Gallery quality Giclée art print

  • German made rice paper
  • Natural white with a traditional rice paper texture
  • Japan made Archival inks for vivid colour and sharp detail
  • Available in multiple sizes 
  • Can be purchased framed or unframed
Mounting and Framing

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Solid Wood Framed

  • Hardwood frames in multiple stylish colour options
  • High-transparency plexiglass to safeguard the artwork against dust and falls
  • Double-layer mat enhances the artwork's depth, accentuating its overall appearance
  • Framing only available within USA
  • Artwork arrives ready to hang

Scroll Mounting
Scrolls have a long history and represent traditional elegance. They are easy to ship and convenient to carry.

  • Hand-made in Taiwan by experienced Taiwanese mounting artisans.
  • The artisan selects the appropriate silk color based on the characteristics of the painting.
  • Crafting a hanging scroll is a detailed endeavor, with a manufacturing time of four weeks.

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