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Framing and Packaging Instructions

Framing and Packaging Instructions

Mingjing Art Online sells unframed high-quality painting cores, as well as framed art that can be directly hung on the wall.

Core packaging: cover the core with acid-free paper to isolate the core from acidic materials. Put it in a thickened painting core protection bag, dust-proof and moisture-proof. Finally put into a brown thick paper tube to be sent. The painting core is small in size, low in shipping cost, and can be shipped worldwide. Customers can frame it according to their personal preferences after receiving it.

Inner packaging

Gallery-grade solid wood frame mounting:

Matte Black Solid Wood Frame <br>Handcrafted solid wood picture frame, generous and dignified, suitable for modern space.

Cherry red solid wood frame

Antique, it complements the traditional style of Chinese painting.

Log color solid wood frame

The texture of the log is suitable for matching the beautiful and elegant style of painting. Bring a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to the space.

Gold-plated solid wood frame

The richly detailed golden frame is used to complement the richly colored and lively works. Highlight the elegant and beautiful temperament of the work.

frame back

The lanyard is already attached and comes with pegs. It can be directly hung on the wall for appreciation.

Traditional hanging scroll (need to order)

Handcrafted in Taiwan by Taiwanese framers. The color matching of the mounting depends on the characteristics of the painting, and the production time is generally 4 weeks.

Both Chinese paintings and calligraphy works can be mounted on scrolls. To order please contact .