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Painting and Calligraphy

Adds a splash of color to the walls of your home or office. Exquisite mounting technology, outstanding works combined with the most advanced engraving technology. Set the tone for your space with elegance and movement. All works by contemporary artists are exclusively available at Clear Art.

The painting and calligraphy categories we provide: traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, watercolor.
Traditional Chinese painting: Song and Yuan meticulous brushwork is elegant and delicate, freehand brushwork landscape ink is flying, either elegant or grand.
Calligraphy: Kai, Xing, and Li various script styles, calm and solemn. Tang lyrics, tunes, and literati couplets have a profound artistic conception.
Watercolor: light and elegant, colorful. Lifelike characters and styles give warmth and vitality to the space.
Oil painting: clear and elegant, vivid and vivid.