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Intangible cultural tangible carrier

  • 梅之坚忍
    December 2, 2020

    Plum Endurance

    As soon as plum blossoms are mentioned, Chinese people may associate plum blossoms with the spirit of being cold and proud of the snow and not afraid of severe cold. It is also true that in the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, history has given plum blossoms a noble mission-carrying the characteristics of "perseverance" in traditional Chinese culture. And plum blossoms do not disgrace their mission. Year after year, no matter the changes in the world or the turning of the sea into mulberry fields, they continue to show the world the characteristics of "perseverance", and are constantly used by literati, inkmen and artists in various arts. The form repeatedly celebrates.
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  • 山水之美
    December 2, 2020

    The beauty of mountains and rivers

    Chinese landscape culture is ubiquitous, just like the Taoism taught by Taoism is ubiquitous. Chinese culture originated from Taoism, which is related to the idea of ​​"harmony between man and nature". The same is true of various cultural forms of traditional Chinese culture. On a certain level, Shanshui culture is continuously enriched and developed on the basis of "the unity of man and nature", and runs through almost all cultural fields and different historical periods.
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