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興古韻、藏典作、近人情 ——線上藝廊「明淨苑」

Prospering ancient rhymes, collecting classics, and being close to humanity——Online Art Gallery "Mingjingyuan"

Prospering ancient rhymes, collecting classics, and being close to humanity——Online Art Gallery "Mingjingyuan"

In the summer of 2018, the appearance of "Mingjingyuan" injected a fresh and elegant traditional atmosphere into the North American art market. Amongst the dazzling array of contemporary art, Mingjingyuan brings together contemporary traditional creators full of classical charm, and through reproduction paintings and other daily art forms, it brings more convenient and diverse collection options for traditional art lovers.

Sophia Li, the founder of Mingjingyuan, said that in the fast-paced era, there are still many artists sticking to the traditional creative spirit and devoting themselves to writing and painting. Artists find painters" became one of the original intentions of the gallery. She found that today's mainstream art atmosphere prevents a group of creators who adhere to traditional values ​​from reaching the public effectively. She hopes that by creating this platform, people who love traditional art will have the opportunity to share the classic beauty. This clear vision also moved the artists who collaborated with them, such as Cao Zuimeng, a famous Chinese painter of the Ice and Snow School, and Liu Xitong, a master of calligraphy. These artists all pay great attention to internal cultivation and spiritual improvement. They show their life-long accumulation on paper, and the spirit, spirit and spirit of each stroke are finally conveyed to the viewers through their works.

A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who opened a clinic in Manhattan was immediately moved by the works of Mingjingyuan. She hung paintings bought from Mingjingyuan in every consulting room. As a result, she found that the clinic room became quieter and patients were more peaceful than usual when they came to the doctor. It can be seen that a good work can have a positive impact on the viewer's body and mind.

"Beauty is an intuitive feeling." The founder firmly believes that those truly beautiful works can fill the heart without any embellishment. She hopes that Mingjing Garden can become a place that protects the original intention of creators, without having to cater to the trend, and let the pure beauty flow naturally, like a trickle, flowing into your life and mine .

Reprinted from the 50th issue of "Fashion Elite" magazine, May and June 2021

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